Friday, 18 May 2012

Homesick For Hugh

Hungry Hugh I just finished watching River Cottage Autumn Episode 3 on They have a great 'watch again' service on-line where they show all the popular shows for that week. If you are in Australia and unfamiliar with Hugh Fearnley and co, click the link. If you live elsewhere check out one of the fabulous River Cottage books like The River Cottage Year, or DVDs like The River Cottage Collection. The series is full of great seasonal recipe ideas and how to get involved with growing or foraging your own ingredients.

Being in Australia they have quite a few British shows on the tv, which is great to catch up on, but it does make me terribly homesick.

This week Hugh was on the hunt to prepare a big dinner with a twist. Catering for 14 guests, all of the courses were created from mainly foraged ingredients including squirrel ragu, oysters in camphor leaves, and a crab-apple jelly dessert.

I love watching him roam around the countryside and coast of Great Britain but I do wish I were there roaming with him too.

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