Tuesday, 8 May 2012

6 Healthy Fast Food Options

Ok, I'm not advocating the eating of fast food or do I think that it's a good money saving option, but sometimes the situation arises that one of these food franchises or outlets is the only thing available. Sports venues, transit stations, shopping malls, for example, in my experience seem to offer seriously poor choices for diet for some reason. Maybe there's no demand for proper healthy cooked food, or maybe it comes down to revenue for the owner. Either way, if you're stuck in a situation where the only option to avoid hunger is to give one of these places your hard earned cash, then try and follow some of my ideas below;

  1. Sandwich (Subway or similar) - go for tuna or veggie options, hold the cheese and go easy on the sauces, try and get as much salad or veg as you can in there.
  2. Kebab - if it's got to be a kebab go for a grilled chicken shish on pita with salad and chilli sauce, leave the cheese and mayonnaise for someone else.
  3. Falafel - I know these are fried, but I love them. Go for pita, salad, chilli sauce and tahini, don't add any extra fats with mayonnaise.
  4. Pizza - Make it a veggie on thin crust, no meat, no extra cheese, you'll be surprised how tasty it can be.
  5. Hummus - This is a simple but effective one. You can easily source hummus, salad and pita bread from a supermarket these days to make a quick and healthy snack.
  6. Jacket Potato - A classic for a winters day, with beans or coleslaw, but don't double up on fillings, no extra mayonnaise, no extra cheese, no butter. It will still taste great.

What To Avoid

Avoid anything fried or deep fried, cheese or cream sauces, extra cheeses, mayonaise, white bread, fatty meats such as doner kebabs, salamis, pepperonis etc. All these extras have hidden fat and calories in them.
Avoid  sweet sauces like 'sweet chilli' and chinese style sauces, they are just empty calories in the form of refined sugar.

Lose The Spuds

I've mentioned that potatoes can be a great fast food option when you choose something like a jacket or baked potato. However, once you get in to the world of fries and chips it's a different situation.
Most fast food chips or french fries will be deep fried in oil, and made from processed or mashed potatoes meaning that the amount of oil soaked up is even greater compared to a regular home made chip or roast potato. There is no safe ground with fast food fries. Best to just leave these all alone.

Get Fruity

Natures fast food
If you are faced with a 'meal' or 'deal' or any other bargaining tool that shops like to use, think if you really need it. Do you need to 'Go-large'? Could you choose a bottle of water instead of the soft drink or soda? Is a packet of crisps or chips or an extra cookie really necessary?
You have the right to order the food you want to eat. You don't have to feel obliged to order that combo meal. Don't be ashamed or bow to peer pressure if you want to avoid unhealthy foods. See it as an inner victory for choosing not to eat whatever everyone else is having.

Could you avoid temptaiton altogether by carrying a piece of fruit wherever you go? I keep an apple or a banana and a bottle of tap water in my bag with me. If I feel a hunger pang coming on I reach for a swig of water and some fruit. It's usually enough to tide me over until I can get something at home. Try it out for yourself, I garantee you'll feel healthier and better about yourself.

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